ProteoCure Training school on “Basics and perspectives of mass spectrometry-based proteomics” (*)

Date: September 16 -20, 2024

(*) in memoriam of the late Prof. Dr. Ulrich auf dem Keller, former ProteoCure member and Denmark representative to ProteoCure Management Committee

Mass spectrometry-based proteomics is widely used in many research projects, such as in the context of PROTEOCURE, with its focus on protein processing. Despite its common usage, many students may find themselves limited by a surface-level understanding of this advanced methodology. Our training class is meticulously designed to bridge this knowledge gap, ensuring participants not only grasp the fundamental concepts but are also abreast with the latest advancements in the domain.

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Organizers: Prof Dr Gunnar Dittmar, Luxembourg Institute of Health; Prof Dr Oded Kleifeld, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology; Prof Dr Oliver Schilling, University Medical Center Freiburg.

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