Joint SFRR-Europe /IUBMB/FEBS Advanced Lecture Course 2024: “Redox Biochemistry: Cellular Responses and Disease Relevance”

The course “Redox biochemistry: cellular responses and disease relevance” will focus on recent developments in this exciting field of redox biology. Well-established scientists from Europe and the Americas who are at the forefront of their field will present key aspects of this topic: redox control, signaling and cellular adaptations, downstream outcomes. Being especially critical, we will highlight the true evidence on the role of redox-related processes in disease, since too often the simple (clinical) statement “here are oxidants involved, treat with antioxidants” leads to a misjudgment of the situation.
Specifically, the course will focus on examining how changes in redox signaling trigger endogenous adaptation and the crucial role of key adaptive processes in preventing cellular degeneration.


Deadline for registration : 15th April 2024.

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