1. Scientific connections.

To strengthen scientific connections within the proteolysis community and international proteolysis Academia / Clinics / Industry (ACI) community.

3. Structure research.

To structure research focused on human pathologies and stress by organization of “Pathway-oriented” workshops/conferences dedicated to a specific type of pathology and training schools on specific relevant topics.

2. Sharing know-how.

To promote basic science and its translational potential by creating forums for scientific exchanges, discussions and sharing know-how involving all the model organisms and strategies (annual meetings, specialised workshops, STSMs and dissemination media).

4. Transition to the clinics.

To foster successful transition from basic research to the clinics by decreasing the knowledge and energy barrier that limits development of translational projects (ad-hoc committees for nurturing translational projects and strategies, transfer-oriented discussions between ACI members, industry members and clinicians invitation to the Action organized activities.

More information about the participants in the project

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