We want to facilitate the translation of novel discoveries into products of clinical and/or economical value.

ProteoCure will gather European researchers from the academic, clinical, and industry sectors, interested to develop a knowledge-based network fostering research on this issue. By organizing community-building activities, fostering synergies among European scientists and reinforcing the training of the next generation of European researchers, the Action will allow creation of a large and creative exchange hub focusing on normal and pathologic proteolysis, and on the development of innovative tools modulating the level of specific protein(s).

Proteolysis Process

Proteolysis (i.e. degradation of proteins) is a key biological process that directly controls individual protein levels. It also ensures the degradation of abnormal proteins. Malfunctions of the proteolysis machinery leading to accumulation of deleterious proteins or in the opposite to excessive degradation of beneficial ones are implicated in multiple human diseases such as cancers, neurodegeneration, developmental and aging disorders, as well as in infectious diseases. Therefore, manipulating the proteolytic machinery to control abundance of specific proteins is a strategy of enormous potential for therapeutic intervention.

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