Turkey-Syria earthquake : message to our ProteoCure colleagues

The recent earthquakes have devastated huge areas of Turkey and Syria, killing thousands  and directly impacting the life of several million people.
The COST ProteoCure Action wishes to express its deepest sympathy and solidarity to its Turkish members. An email has been sent to each of them (see below) to share these feelings and to inform them that they can count on their colleagues to help when possible.
We also encourage all our colleagues to support international humanitarian initiatives to provide emergency assistance to the impacted people. This can be done through many channels, for example UNICEF (https://www.unicefusa.org/?form=FUNJTKLSEXD).
Message sent to our colleagues from Turkey.

Dear colleague,
after the devastating earthquakes in your country, your ProteoCure colleagues would like to express their sympathy and solidarity. We hope that you, your family and your laboratory have not been directly impacted by this disaster. If you think that there is anything we can do, as a large pan-European scientific network or as individual laboratories, to help you or your research during this terrible time, please do not hesitate to contact us.
For the ProteoCure COST Action,
Rosa Farràs and Olivier Coux, chairs.

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