Second ProteoCure annual meeting: call for applications for travel and accommodation financial support

The COST Action ProteoCure is launching a new call open to attendees of its second annual meeting held in Zagreb, Croatia.

Depending on the available resources after payment of all expenses linked to the meeting organization and COST rules, the Action might have some remaining funds that could be reallocated to the reimbursement of travel/accommodation expenses of certain meeting participants. This would cover long distance travel (>100km one way) reimbursement and a daily allowance (DA) to cover hotel, meals, and short distance travel.

It is anticipated that it should be possible to reimburse at least 5 additional participants. However, it must be made clear that this possible fund reallocation remains hypothetical until the exact meeting budget is finalized, and that consequently at this point no additional reimbursement can be guaranteed.

In this context, the aim of the present call is to ask the interested participants to apply for a possible reimbursement of their expenses linked to the meeting. The applications will be ranked according to the following priorities, in accordance to COST rules:

  1. Member of ITC or NNC (*)
  2. Age: priority will be given to participants below 40 y.o.
  3. Status: priority will be given to students and post-docs
  4. Talk presentation will be prioritized over poster presentation

Deadline for application: Monday, June 5th, 2023

Please use the attached template and send your application to

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