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ProteoCure Core Group vote #3

Dear Core-Group members,

Following the call for speakers reimbursement at ProteoCure co-organised meetings, that was later further extended to poster presenters, and in order to help a maximum of ProteoCure members, the ‘Meetings’ committee proposes to reimburse the long distance travels to all the applicants (>70% are young researchers, 58% are female, none are from ITC countries), including poster presenters. The estimation of those travel costs is 7819 EUR. Then the remaining budget (that should be between 3000 EUR to 7200 EUR) would be redistributed to the Local Organiser Support (LOS) of the last 2 co-organised meetings, that are under administrative process still.  We propose for this vote to follow the limits imposed by COST rules, that depends on number of meeting participants and duration of the meeting:

Please vote below on this proposition before October 7th, 2022.

Best regards,

The meetings committee.

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