Great collaborative spirit at the First annual meeting of ProteoCure

The first annual meeting of the COST Action ProteoCure has been held in the beautiful city of Ljubljana, Slovenia, from the 17th to the 19th of May, 2022. This was the opportunity for 100 European scientists to meet in person and to learn about the new projects and the new developments (both in knowledge and in technology) in a friendly atmosphere.

During 3 dense half-days, scientific presentations followed one another. Four keynote speakers (Wiep Scheper – Center for Neurogenomics & Cognitive Research, NL; Oded Kleifeld – Technion, IL; Ivan Dikic – Goethe University Frankfurt, DE; Nik Subramanian – Kantify, BE) presented the latest developments in their field. Thirty-two participants were able to present their latest results in 15 minutes, and all other participants who wanted to were given a brief (3 minute) opportunity to describe their team.

This day and a half of intense science was closed by a plenary lecture on Cysteine Cathepsins presented by Boris Turk (Ljubljana, SI).

The 4th and last half-day was dedicated to a collective discussion on the functioning and objectives of ProteoCure.

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