8 post-doctoral positions at Severo Ochoa Centre for Molecular Biology (CBMSO, Madrid)

We are looking for a candidate to apply for the CBMSO Postdoctoral Call to join our lab. This call is directed to incorporate eight outstanding international early career researchers to the center.
Our lab aims to unravel how the ubiquitin and SUMO pathways control DNA replication and to explore how DNA replication dynamics influences cell identity and cancer development (most recent publications are Franz et al., Cell Reports 2021; Galarreta et al., EMBO J 2021; Rodríguez-Acebes et al., 2022, bioRxiv; Martín-Rufo et al., SCDB 2022). We offer a dynamic and collaborative environment in a growing lab. The CBMSO is one of the top scientific research institutes and provides a very diverse and rich environment.

The characteristics of the call are as follows:

– 8 postdoctoral positions, with a duration of 3 years and an estimated gross salary of 40.500 €/year.
– Applicants must have a strong international training, not have worked in Spain for the last three years, and obtained a PhD in Life Sciences after 01/01/2020.
– The application deadline is 01/12/2023, and the resolution of the call will be no later than 01/02/2024.
– Every candidate must have the endorsement of a CBMSO Principal Investigator (PI) before submitting the application.
– Each CBMSO PI can only endorse one candidate.
– To apply, candidates must submit a full application package via our website: https://www.cbm.uam.es/en/home/jobs-at-the-cbmso

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