3 postdocs positions in Strasbourg (France) in Translational and applied Oncology

The team “Streinth”, INSERM Unit U1113 in Strasbourg, is recruiting 3 postdocs (2 24 months funding; 1 36 months funding). Start November or December 2022, or January 2023.

The projects are in the field of translational and applied oncology focused on gastric cancer which represents a priority axis for the INCa and Itmo cancer in view of its aggressiveness and the lack of therapeutic solution.

The first project focuses on immunogenic cell death and the characterization of the immune microenvironment of gastric cancers in response to current therapies and epigenetic regulators (HDAC) through the use of original animal models, organoids and patient tissues.

The second project focuses on the use of an original approach for the identification of new regulators of p53 signaling in gastric cancers.

The third project is an interdisciplinary biology/chemistry project and focuses on small molecule chemistry to selectively reactivate p53 mutants. 

In each of these projects various experimental approaches (e.g. gain/loss of function) will be conducted, including “omics” techniques (e.g. single cell RNAseq/spatial RNAseq).

Experience in cell culture (2D, 3D, organoids), various molecular analyses (WB, RT-qPCR), imaging microscopy, cytometry, animal experimentation, are assets.

We are looking for motivated candidates with a competitive CV who wish to pursue a career in academic cancer research.

For further information on the projects please contact: Christian Gaiddon: gaiddon@unistra.fr

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