14 Predoctoral Fellowships on MSCA-Cofund Project “rePLANT”

Job description

The rePLANT (Reconstruction Biology in Plant Sciences) Doctoral Training Programme is an ambitious research and training initiative coordinated by the Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomic12/s (CRAG; Barcelona, Spain) together with the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research (MPIPZ; Cologne, Germany) and the John Innes Centre (JIC; Norwich, UK). CRAG and MPIPZ participate as recruiting institutions and JIC as implementing partner.

The rePLANT Programme offers 14 predoctoral grants, 7 at CRAG and 7 at MPIPZ. This Programme offers the possibility for rePLANT researchers to perform highly innovative and multidisciplinary research projects using state-of-the-art facilities within a scientifically-oriented nurturing environment.

For more information about the programme and the application process please visit the Programme website:  https://www.cofund-replant.eu

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